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Trampoline Enclosure

They have been around for as far back as any of us can remember, but in recent years they have become a popular piece of garden equipment for any growing family. While themselves offer so many health benefits, it can reduce the risk of serious injury.

Trampoline Enclosure

They come in all shapes and sizes and can offer children great outdoors fun. You want them outdoors on a nice day rather than sitting in front of the television or playing computer games, which children seem to be addicted to these days.

With trampolines children can let their imaginations soar; they can jump, bounce, do back flips and even hold little mini competitions among themselves. If your children are under six years old or aren’t confident on the trampoline, adding them is a must.

They have two main advantages. They reduce the risk of injury and they give you peace of mind.

Injuries caused by trampolines include head injuries, back injuries, broken bones and even broken necks. These are serious injuries that you definitely want to reduce the risk of if you’re buying a trampoline enclosure for your children.

The injuries are almost always caused by them falling off, whether they land on their heads or partly on and off itself.

They fit snugly around the trampoline with high net and padded poles, so if your child does a somersault and lands partly on it, they will not be able to fall off. Think of it as the large nets used by trapeze artists.

They will give you such great peace of mind; you will be able to allow your children free access into the garden to play, knowing that they are safe. There is nothing worse than worrying so much that you stop your kids from playing outdoors and panic every time one of them plays on the trampoline.

They can also encourage your children to use the trampoline; they will feel safer, which in turn encourages them to play outdoors in the fresh air.

There are two very minor disadvantages to a outdoor trampoline with enclosure; they both are caused by how you fit. Overall the benefits of having an enclosure far outweigh not having one.

Often you can install the net too loosely which obviously doesn’t offer the security your children need. You need to ensure that the net is firm but not too tight.

Installing the net too tight can cause unnecessary strain and can damage or break the net when you least expect it.

Remember the net should be firm with a little bit of give, but never skin tight or sagging.

When buying one for your family checks to see if it comes with them, if not you want an enclosure that is a minimum of six foot in height, this reduces the risk of bouncing over the top of the net.

The enclosure you purchase should also have well-padded poles; this reduces the risk of injury if you bounce onto one of the poles.

If your children are under six years old or you are placing your trampoline in any area that is not surrounded by lush grass, then they are essential. As children get older they tend to not need the security of them, but for your own peace of mind, it may be worthwhile keeping the enclosure in place.

It is not only effective, but they look good too. They are not ugly pieces of netting placed in a beautifully landscaped garden. They are often black and appear quite pleasing to the eye.


Pilates Chair At Home

The Pilates workout was released by Mr. Joseph Pilates. He designed this workout such that it was inexpensive and could also be done in the comforts of home. As he had tremendous experience in the field of gymnastics, boxing, and body building he knew exactly what was required in training the body to become strong and flexible at the same time. It is always advisable to have an experienced instructor around for those who are just beginning to start the Pilates workout. After being trained one can easily buy the DVDs that are professionally developed and guide the beginners and the experts as to how one can perform workouts on the Pilates chair.

Pilate Chair

There are different types of Pilates chair like Wandu chair and Malibu chair that works on different muscles of the legs, hands and the core abdominal muscles. It requires a lot of control and effective breathing that is essential throughout the movement of the person during the performance. It forms a good posture for the entire body. Once a person corrects his or her posture it is eventually quick for the body to heal and regularize all its internal functions. There are more advanced type of Pilates chair namely Peak Pilates, Balanced Body and Stott Pilates. These are more lightweight and have a sporty look to attract the younger generation to this type of workout. It is portable and easy to move around in the house.

There are no abrupt movements during this workout so chances of injuries are very less. The movements during the Pilates workout are controlled and smooth. There are various workouts that can be done and it takes not more than 45 hours to complete the workout. A busy person can easily fit in a schedule of Pilate’s workout to stay stronger, fitter and flexible and feel energetic throughout the day.

The person can be seated on the Pilates chair and use the feet, mid-foot or arches to push the pedal down to get a good workout for the legs. Also you can perform push ups on the Pilates chair. By placing the tummy on the seat and fingers gripping the pedal one can perform push ups by pushing the pedal down and pressing up. As one pushes away from the body one should exhale and inhale while pressing in. It is very essential to breathe correctly while doing the movements slowly and gracefully. This reduces chances of fatigue. This is a great workout for strengthening the upper body and the abdominal muscles. The sideways bend can be done by one hand gripping the pedal while seated with the other hand raised to the ceiling and legs outstretched. As the pedal is pressed down exhale and inhale as you bring it up. This provides great muscular strength to the sides that seldom gets exercised in our daily lives.

The Pilates chair workout is also very beneficial for all those people who are above the age of 55, provided their bone density and blood pressure is well in control. In consultation with a trained instructor the Pilates workout can do wonders for the seniors too.


Bike Cargo Trailer

Business has been a little slow this week, mainly because I’ve been busy with other work. Just like the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. I’ve basically had 4 other jobs pop up this week and have had only a few hours to do trailer stuff. I did manage to put together a few more trailers to sell at the DEVO bike swap this weekend at Chapman Hill. 20% of proceeds benefit Durango DEVO, so if you want to buy a bike cargo trailer and support these youngsters, I dropped off three trailers. Go buy one!

Bike Cargo Trailer

In addition to the bike swap, I plan on swinging by the farmer’s market afterwards with a Sally in tow to buy some good food, and hopefully catch a few eyes. Seems like I was going to something on Sunday too, but I am too tired to remember at the moment. Anyhow, thanks for checking in. I’m working on a super cool custom order for a customer in Aspen. Can’t wait to get it done and post some pics.